Launching a Ship

Currently during beta, only users holding the CaptainPass NFT can launch Ships and become a Captain. Interested in being a Captain? Fill out this form to apply!
Launch a Ship by pressing the +Ship button on the top right corner
At each Ship deploy, the Captain must specify the following parameters of the Ship DAO.
  • Captain fee - % of ETH from each NFT sale.
  • ETH Minimum Threshold — minimum amount of ETH that needs to be raised before the Captain can purchase an NFT.
  • Target Collection(s) — the NFT contract(s) the Captain specifies prior to Ship creation. The Captain can purchase NFTs only from the specified contracts after the Ship has been deployed.
  • Token Ticker — the ticker for the token launched by the Ship representing the Ship's governance tokens.
  • Ship Building Period — this is the time period during which the Captain must fundraise AND purchase their NFTs.
  • Ship Name — name of the ship.
  • Ship Summary — describes the goal and strategy for NFT purchases and sales.
Last modified 1yr ago