Functions: NFT Listing and ETH Claiming

Phase 2: Sailing

NFT Listing

When the Ship has Set Sail, the Captain is able to list their purchased NFTs. Currently the only supported marketplace is Opensea/Seaport. We will be adding support for additional marketplaces soon!

Captains and Sailors can view the listed NFTs on the Assets Module of the Sail webapp. Captains can further manage by canceling and relisting assets as needed.

ETH Claiming

Sailors are able to claim ETH throughout this phase.

First, if there is any excess ETH after the Ship has Set Sail, the Sailor is able to claim this immediately.

As each NFT sells they will be able to claim their respective share from that NFT sale based on their $SHIP holdings at the time of sale. Claims are continuous and attributed to each user's address at a snapshot of each NFT sale.

It is generally cheapest to claim all the ETH together at the completion of the ship to save gas.

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