After building through the challenges of decentralized governance for a year, the SZNS team found group ownership of NFTs via governance was riddled with inefficiencies, complexities, and difficulties. Voting on proposals required too much attention and time from users; crafting Ethereum transactions into proposals were complex; users felt they did not have enough context or information to participate in governance; and so on.

We wanted to build a system of efficient decision making for NFT DAOs, and we targeted a specific use-case that is shared by many in the NFT community: buying and selling NFTs. How can we bring users together around flipping NFTs?

Our goal is to focus on that and create a UX combining the excitement of decentralized ownership with an effective decision-making system that gives groups the best opportunity to win together.

Many NFT collectives today are plagued with the pains of cumbersome, manual account and inefficient decision-making processes. Sail enables groups to execute NFT strategies quickly and trustlessly via a set of well-defined user roles and actions through smart contracts.

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