Each Ship is an Atomic DAO: special purpose DAOs with specific goals, whose operations are automated in the right way with properly coordinated parameters for participation via smart contracts.

Each Ship is a Gnosis SAFE managed as a DAO, where Captains and Sailors are the members of the DAO. All actions -- buying NFTs, selling NFTs, custodying ETH -- occur within the Ship Gnosis SAFE.

The Sail protocol leverages the Zodiac framework, using custom smart contract modules to enforce trustless and permissioned management of assets in the Ship.

For example, the Captain is only allowed to buy and sell NFTs – they are not permitted to transfer, claim airdrops, or any other smart contract calls (this may evolve with time and user demand).

The Sailor can contribute ETH and transparently track every trade and ETH claim available to them. They can also veto listings and make listings collectively (coming soon).

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