Sail Contract Architecture

Leveraging existing systems and building with modularity in mind.

The most important contract to recognize in the repo is the Ship Module contract. All logic is contained in this contract for each ship. They are separated in the repo to ensure clarity and add specific functions to the Gnosis Zodiac ecosystem.

Smart contracts developed for Sail can be broken into the following categories:

Sail Specific Contracts - these contracts are built for Sail but do not follow the Zodiac module requirements.

Gnosis Zodiac Modules - these contracts are built for specific functions within Sail and do follow the Zodiac module requirements.

Contract Interfaces - these interfaces act as a logic check as contracts compile.

Third Party Integrations - Sail interacts with third party smart contracts such as OpenSea's SeaPort to facilitate the needs of ships and their crew.

The Ship Module stands alone in it's importance and complexity, so it gets its own section.

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